Not Your Average Portrait (mini)Sessions

Before the end of the studio lease, it was important for me to hold at least one round of mini sessions with two aims: to ensure that I could offer a more financially accessible option and to be able to open the studio one last time to as many womxn as possible.

What initially started as a one-day offering, quickly turned into two weekends worth of sessions, with a total of 22 womxn in front of the lens.

The first day of sessions was ‘Not your Average Portrait’ and there were 11 different womxn, with 11 different purposes and reasons for wanting portraits.

From entrepreneurs starting their businesses, authors getting published, yoga teachers branching out on their own, several womxn just wanting to be photographed for the first time…every single one brought their own fire and magic to the studio just a few weeks before I said goodbye to the space.

It was an absolute honor to be able to co-create with each of these womxn and I’m beyond glad these ‘Not Your Average Portrait’ (mini)Sessions came to life as beautifully as they did.

Special shoutout to Em for pairing up with me to bring this weekend of (mini)Sessions to life. We were able to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to our community and I could not be more grateful.